Nice to meet you!

My name is Alin and I really like building software.

[email protected]

How I got here

My programming journey started way back when my dad bought a HC91 computer - a Romanian ZX-Spectrum replica. I started 'programming' in BASIC by copying programs from old manuals and hacking them to do something slighlty different. This had become my new hobby and little have I known that it would also become my carrer. Over the years I kept coding and studying which led to building more and more complex pieces of software. By the time I got into college, I was already experienced enough to be a junior programmer which is what followed in my second year when I got a job at what is now probably the best antivirus company in the world. I was fortunate enough to start my carrer in a very healthy environment that layed out a strong foundation which shaped the way I build software. I continued to polish my skills over the years becoming more experienced not only in the field of computer science but also as a people person. Even though I always worked for companies, I also worked in my own time on projects that I've come up with. This is how 24rush was born as my cover to do sofware on my own. Interestingly enough, a lot of things that I learned working on these project ended up being used in my day to day job. Currently, I am working for one of the top 3 microprocessor manufacturers where I try to challenge myself everyday.

My principles

Clean, simple, optimal code

I'm a freak of clean coding. I write code that is easy to read and understand and also, execute. All these show that you care about the software you are building.

Get things done

No matter how good you want your code the be, it will mean nothing if it doesn't leave your computer. When I commit to something it becomes my responsability that at the end of the deadline that code will be delivered.

Follow the process

Delivering working software isn't only about writing code. Building software is a team effort and people that make up these teams are usually very different, both technically and in their behaviour. This is why a minimal set of rules and good practices are required as recipes for success.

My skills

(stronger skills are closer to the red)

Programming languages


Systems design

I was fortunate to be part of teams that had to develop products from ground up which got me hooked to that part of software development where you need to draw everything up before writing a line of code. Being successful at these requires seeing what the opposite looks like.

Web technologies

I learned a lot of web-related technologies by myself while working on my side projects and it is something I was able to later use in my day to day job. It's definitely not easy to move from low level languages to web as it requires a big change of mindset.


Leadership is not a skill that only managers should possess. It's the feeling of safety and thrust someone gives you that makes you confident that in the end you will be successful.